Morning .v. Afternoon

Uanee is ready for another game drive early this morning. We breakfast first, and then leave the camp around 06:45. First stop is Chudop waterhole. Nothing. Next, Klein Namutoni. Only water! And so it goes on. A few birds and some nice jackal sightings is about it. Where have all the animals gone? We continue around the Fischer’s Pan loop. A nice drive but no animals. North to Klien Okevi. Just water! Finally to Tsumcor. A single Oyrx, and then a giraffe. Then some more Oyrx. And some nice birds, including whydahs. Sweets and biscuits become highlights of the morning! Oh well, this is nature and nothing is guaranteed. Back to base for lunch time and siesta!

What a difference a few hours can make! This afternoon we head west and the wildlife is on us almost instantly. In fact, a big bull kudu nearly runs into us! Wildebeest to follow, then warthog. Some springbok of course, oryx, then 8 giraffes. Then Kori Bustards, the world’s heaviest flying bird. Then 5 giraffes standing in a row. 2 elephants. Plenty of Red Hartebeest. Zebra naturally. Impala. Giraffes drinking with impalas too. Lilac Breasted Rollers. Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk. 2 more elephants close to the road. Then a whole breeding herd of elephants in the bushes. Helmeted guinea fowl. And a partridge in a pear tree (well not quite). But a wonderful sunset to conclude the game drive!

Richard organises the dinner wine this evening plus a little birthday surprise for one of the Furlongs Travel proprietors!