Nyaung U Market

Early this morning, another group of hardy travellers set off for a hot air balloon flight experience over Bagan. And a couple of hours later, they all came back looking extremely happy people!

After breakfast we all meet up to visit Nyaung U market. This is a particularly busy local market selling everything from food to flip flops and thermal pyjamas. Some of our guests follow our local guides around the market, others explore alone. In theory we're all to meet up at the entrance gate at a certain time. In practice, that's not easy, but within a short while we manage to collect all our flock and join our coach transport back to the ship. Back on board, we set sail towards Yandabo and can enjoy a leisurely afternoon relaxing. Our cruise director, John Farrell, gives a second lecture, this time about Burma's Lost Fleet of river craft that were originally built and shipped from the Clyde to carry people and goods up and down the Irrawaddy. Another backstage tour for those who missed it first time, and before dinner, our barman makes a couple of special cocktails for us all to try. One rum based and one whiskey based. Both tasty. Both recipes available on reuqest! Another fabulous dinner completes the day. It doesn't get any better than this!