We're off to Burma!

After a relatively leisurely start from our overnight hotel we set off for the Heathrow airport terminal. Dawn and Richard have never before had time to breakfast at the Premier Inn and neither have they flown from the new Heathrow Terminal Two, so two novel experiences to start with! At the airport we meet up with fellow travellers to board our Thai Airways flight to Bangkok. The aircraft is loaded and the truck pushes us back from the gate. We sit. We wait. Some airport mechanics appear with a hammer. We wait. The truck pulls us back to the gate. Apparently the truck won’t disconnect from the front wheel of the aircraft. Since it is somewhat inconvenient flying with a truck dangling from the front wheel, the pilot understandably decides to wait until the technical hitch is overcome. About 45 minutes later a different truck pushes us back and we take off.

We have quite a short flight connection at Bangkok and then fly onto Burma so we are mildly concerned but we hope the pilot makes up lost time. While at Heathrow we have handed each guest a little bag with a personal radio, earpiece and batteries. We carry these on most tours because they greatly enhance guide commentary on our excursions. However we have been informed that it may not be possible for Richard to get a whole group of radios through customs in Myanmar without a huge amount of paperwork. Individually they may not be a problem hence we handing them out! Hopefully our guest won’t get arrested.

Dawn Furlong