Naked ambition

Added 29 Apr 2012
More than half our group joined optional sightseeing flights early this morning. The 5-seater light aircraft took off from a nearby airstrip and headed into the Namib Naukluft Park flying over Sesriem Canyon, Sossusvlei and the giant sand dunes. Other guests enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on the sunny terrace at Sossusvlei Lodge. After breakfast we loaded up our coach and departed for a long drive to the coast. Our ambition today was to reach the town of Swakopmund. However shortly after joining the main road towards Solitaire we had quite a shock. The first indication was seeing a couple of cyclists. That's pretty unusual for this part of the world. Half a mile further on we passed another two cyclists. Then another mile on we passed a group of ten cyclists. At this point Dawn noticed the cyclists weren't wearing any clothes. Another guest confirmed this. After another mile we passed some more cyclists and again they were naked. The whole coach suddenly became cyclist watchers. Binoculars normally for wildlife use were trained on the gravel road ahead and it became very important to spot cyclists from some distance. Our driver, Bruce, somehow concentrated on the road although we think he may have driven for about 2 miles with his eyes closed. After all this excitement it was good to continue our journey via Solitaire (for some more apple pie) and then via the Gaub river and the Kuiseb Canyon. Lunch was enjoyed in the almost dry river bed at the bottom of the Kuiseb before continuing across the desert to Walvis Bay and ultimately to Swakopmund. Here we checked into the Hansa Hotel, a comfortable, classic style establishment, for a 2-night stay.