Okaukuejo game viewing

Quite a few guests are up for the early morning game drive. They join the locally operated small game vehicles and get a head start before the park gates are officially open. The rest of us have a (slightly) more leisurely start, with breakfast first, followed by a morning game drive aboard our own coach with August driving and Uanee commentating. It might sound a bit odd going on a game drive in a big coach but it really works well. We can access the same roads and waterholes, and Uanee is exceptionally good at spotting the wildlife along the way. Within 20 minutes we see two lions! Followed by zebra, oryx, springbok, blackbacked jackals, kudu, giraffe, red hartebeest, and a rhino in the distance too!

We’re all back by lunchtime and the Okaukuejo waterhole beckons again. Yet more elephants!

This afternoon Uanee escorts another game drive and we find the same two lions as this morning but in a different location. They appear to be asleep but a few lion impersonations by Uanee soon got their attention.