Okaukuejo to Namutoni

Added 21 Jun 2014

Sad to depart Okaukuejo but we have places to go and new things to see! Our journey today is entirely within Etosha National Park. We do not have far to travel and we have plenty of time so it is a game drive all the way, stopping whenever we see something of interest. We visit a number of waterholes on the way …. Homob, Sueda, Salvadora and Rietfontein all before a lunch stop. Entering Homob there are lions at an Oryx kill. The lions have obviously had their fill and they are sleeping in the long grass. There are lion tummies and legs on show and an occasional head pops up. At the waterhole itself we spot Springbok, Kudu and a beautiful Saddle-billed Stork. Lunch break is enjoyed at Halali Camp which is roughly half-way between Okaukuejo and our destination, Namutoni. On last month’s tour Richard made a comment about the Halali waterhole not attracting much wildlife whereupon numerous elephants turned up to embarrass him. This time he keeps quite. And nothing turns up. Oh well, we will revert to plan A for the next tour!

On arrival at Namutoni we are greeted with welcome drinks and singing! We settle in promptly and meet up in the Fort restaurant for an early dinner. We are all heading out on an night game drive this evening. The advice is the wrap up warm and we certainly needed our layers this evening. Chilly! It is not a particularly busy evening for wildlife but we are rewarded with sightings of a Spring Hare, Black Rhinos and a pack of Spotted Hyaena who had recently completed and consumed an Impala kill. Most of us decide Hyaena look fairly grim and spooky at night!