Olafur in Seydisfjordur

Added 01 Jun 2014

Seydisfordur is a fishing and tourist town with just 700 inhabitants. Norwegian traders settled here in the latter half of the 19th century and there are a number of beautiful Norwegian style houses. The old town centre is very well preserved and also very beautiful. The sun is shining, it is positively warm, and the skies are blue. The snow topped mountains and impressive waterfalls add to the scene. The Furlongs family are invited to join a privately escorted walk in town. Our guide is a local man called Olafur. His family live in town but Olafur also runs a ecotourism farm on the far end of the fjord. To say we enjoyed Olafur’s tour is an understatement! His information and interpretation about Iceland in general and Seydisfjordur in particular was excellent. Anyone visiting Seydisfjordur should look him up or better still, stay at his farm and learn more.

Seydisfjordur has the oldest telephone and telegraph station dating back to 1906 when the first ocean cable was laid from Scotland. During WW2 the allied forces built a military camp here and an oil freighter called El Grillo was sunk here during a German air raid.

We are sad to leave Seydisfjordur but enjoy the sailing out of Reydarfjordur towards our next stop, Eskifjordur. This town was originally a Danish trading post and now relies much on the fishing and tourism industry. It is Seaman’s Day today, in memory of Icelandic sailors who have lost their lives at sea. There is a community get together on the town green and local children are enjoying bouncy castles and candyfloss!

At 10pm this evening we are treated to the FRAM crew show! Singing, dancing and bar cocktail making demonstrations included, plus their own version of the Chippendales!