Added 14 Sep 2013

Another leisurely start this morning. Following breakfast we drive along the Sacred Valley to the Inca town of Ollantaytambo. Our local guides escort a walk around the town, exploring the narrow Inca roads and architecture. On route we meet a couple of young boys playing football and we are obliged to join in! We also visit a local family home to see how daily life goes on. Naturally this includes room for numerous guinea pigs plus, on this occasion, dogs, cats and ducks, all of whom seem to get on very well. 

The Inca fortress at Ollantaytambo is impressive. There is a series of terraces with a sacred site at the top, and storage houses on adjacent mountains. The Inca's never finished this site so we can see work in progress including a long ramp built to bring huge stones from a quarry some 7 kms away.

After our visit we enjoy free time in the town for a lunch snack and yet more shopping! We have a feeling suitcases will weight more on the way home.

This evening we enjoy a finale buffet in our private banqueting room. There is a vast choice of dishes including a fresh pasta cooked-to-order station and, naturally, plenty of wine. Hani and Marisol, our local guides who have been with us since Puno and Cusco join us. Together with Richard and Dawn they say a final goodbye dressed in typical Peruvian costumes. The ladies are in colourful dresses and head wear. We won't talk about Richard's costume!