On the road!

Added 02 May 2014

We enjoy breakfast at the Windhoek Country Club Resort before joining our coach for the drive south west to Sossusvlei. Our driver August is ready and waiting for us, bags are checked and our guide Uanee is busy filling water bottles for the journey. We are on the road at 7.30am, bang on time! Shortly after leaving Windhoek we must stop at a weigh bridge. This is part of the transport regulations and essentially checks are vehicle is roadworthy, our driver has the correct licence and we do not weigh too much. Given how much we ate last night at dinner and this morning at breakfast Richard and Dawn are slightly worried we may need to eject some luggage (or guests) to comply with the rules. Fortunately we are passed OK and continue our journey without a hitch.

About an hour later we make a brief stop at a petrol station in the small town of Rehoboth. From here we turn onto the road via Klien Aub and Rietoog. We are now bouncing along the gravel roads but our bus copes well and it is a bit like a free massage in any case. We make a couple of stops to stretch legs and take some photos before lunchtime at a place called Solitaire. Solitaire has a petrol station, shop, bakery and small lodge set on a cross roads seemingly in the middle of nowhere. We enjoy lunch and do some provisioning before heading to our final destination, Sossusvlei Lodge.

The lodge features individual rooms, part posh tent and part brick built. They are very comfortable and the views across the savannah to the mountains is spectacular. We have truly arrived in Namibia!