This morning we are moored on the 4th largest tributary of the Danube, the River Drava, at the town of Osijek.  After breakfast, there is a choice of excursions …. a guided tour of the city, a bike ride through the local countryside, or fishing in a local stream.  Needless to say, most of the Furlongs Family have opted for the guided city tour. We meet our local guides, board our coaches and head off. The city tour starts in a local church and we are treated to a short concert by a local lady playing the church organ. The music is lovely and very well played – most enjoyable.

We then walk to the main square by the Holy Trinity Monument and find a couple of musicians playing the tamburica (like a mandolin). Along the road, a young musician from the local music university is playing the flute. All very cultural and very lovely!

After the walking tour, we have some free time. Some visit the nearby coffee or beer house, while some of us (including the Furlongs staff) discover a newly opened ice-cream parlour!

Our next stop is the nearby villages where we are hosted in small groups at local homes. We are warmly welcome, shown around and enjoy a home cooked lunch, typically featuring a soup, a local meat dish with vegetables and salad, and a cherry or apple pie. Most of us enjoy some home brewed fruit brandy too. It’s a truly fabulous way of learning more about life in this part of Croatia – including the effect of the recent war on their families and their homes. Incredible folk and a wonderful experience!

Back on board ship, we are treated to a performance from a Tamburica Band, with music and singing and interpretation from one of our guides.

This evening, we invite more guests to the ship’s Portobello Restaurant, and this time it’s Dawn's opportunity to join in!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Designsstock