Oysters and bubbly

Added 05 May 2014

After breakfast at the Hansa Hotel we set off to Walvis Bay. Uanee our guide stayed in Swakopmund to do a couple of jobs including searching for a new microphone for the coach. Richard is not happy with the current one and is sure we can do better!

It takes us about 30 minutes to drive south to Walvis Bay. We have privately chartered a catamaran called Silversand. The company that owns and runs this vessel is called Catamaran Cruises and they are the best in town. We are met at the quayside by the young owners, Marko and Danielle. Some of our ladies are subsequently disappointed that Marko is not coming on board with us! Our captain today is Fred and our guide and host is Mossie. It is great fun from the start. We are visited by pelicans and local seals who know they may get some breakfast if they tag along.

We sail the natural harbour and head out to the point which is an ever-growing spit of land due to the ocean moving the sand on a continual basis. The strong Benguela current deposits sand here and the lighthouse that was one at the end of the spit is now 2.6 kms inland. Along the point there are communities of seals, over 25,000 in fact! We see the young ones playing in the waves and the mums basking in the sun.

Our cruise includes some nice refreshments, coffee to start, then some sherry, juices or beers and snacks and bubbly to follow. Fresh oysters are included! Apparently the more we drink the more wildlife we will see. We are lucky and we spot some of the Benguela Dolphins. After a while they decide to join us and captain Fred picks up a little speed to encourage them to ride the bow wave. And it works! All in all, a great morning.

Back in Swakopmund guests enjoy a free afternoon. It happens to be a Namibian bank holiday so most of the shops are closed. The ladies seem a tad disappointed, the men are ecstatic.

This evening we enjoy an a la carte dinner at the Hansa Hotel restaurant, and everyone seems very happy indeed!