The Custard Tart Tour

We have most of the day free before heading to Lisbon airport for our journey home. If guests are not busy doing their own thing there is an optional activity around 11am this morning. Richard escorts a guided walk from the hotel to discover (and to taste) the famous Lisbon "Pastel de Nata". These "custard tarts" were first made at Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon in the 18th century. At the time, monasteries and convents used huge quantities of egg-whites to starch clothes, and the left-over egg yolks were used to make pastries and cakes, resulting in the proliferation of sweet pastry recipes. We have all tried some pastel de nata during the holiday but this morning we hope to discover the city's most famous ... which are made at the "Casa Pasteis de Belem". The recipe is the best and the Pastel de Nata are so very tasty from this cafe. The guided walk sets off from our hotel around 11am and Richard takes a circular, albeit quite short stroll. When we arrive, Dawn is ready with the Pastel de Nata and some lovely cool lemonade and orange juice.

By late-afternoon we are driving to Lisbon Airport and preparing for check-in at the British Airways desks. We arrive shortly before the BA staff and they look rather shocked to see us all when they turn up. The superviser explains they would like to set up a Disney-style queuing system so we move back while they place their barriers. And then we all shuffle in again. The BA team are impressed so check-in starts early and we are processed nice and quickly! Our flight gate turns out to be 43A which is quite a long walk. If you are ever assigned gates 41 to 47 from Lisbon Airport, allow plenty of time! We all make it and as a small reward, there are the remaining Pastel De Nata custard tarts to hand out. Well, if you buy 200 to start with, you are bound to have some over!

That's it. We land at Heathrow pretty much on time, all luggage is accounted for and we help guests find their taxis and parked cars, and escort some clients back to our Heathrow hotel for an overnight stay. Happy travels everyone!