Petermann Island

As we sail north we enjoy two more interesting morning lectures ... Rachel Morgan talks about the jostling for control of the Antarctic Peninsula (with some hilarious ancedotes!) and Simon talks about the conservation of seabirds.

Just before lunch we get a P.A. call that we have whale sightings once again. We all don our cold weather gear as quickly as possible and are treated to the most fantastic viewing of humpback whales. They are so close to the ship that they seem to be touching it. They are certainly curious. They are relatively small and we think they are juvenile, so perhaps they are checking us out. They swim under the ship and go from side to side, and stay immediately adjacent to our hull for a long time. Many guests complain that their camera lenses are too long as the whales are too close! Simply magical.

Our afternoon landing is at Petermann Island which is host to a the worlds’ most southern Gentoo penguin colony and sometimes one or two Adelie penguins. It is also our opportunity to see blue-eyed shags at fairly close range. We’re able to take several routes to see the wildlife and the spectacular views to the other side of the bay. Kayaking and cruising is offered again and humpback whales are viewed close up. A great landing.

During dinner we hear another P.A. announcement to alert us to Orcas near the ship. The restaurant empties as we all find a spot on deck to watch the killer whales hunting for seals sitting on the ice floes. Another wonderful experience, although when we return to the restaurant we disover most of the ice cream has gone. Was it all a ploy by the expedition team?

Later this evening the captain tried his best to reach the Lemaire Channel before the light faded. We think we sailed through, but it was quite dark! At the same time, our wonderful Philipino staff provided an entertaining "crew show" in the Panorama Lounge. Singing and dancing acts, concluding in an audience-participation dance to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". Richard was nabbed to take part and somehow ended up wearing a long brunette wig. Dawn initially locked him out of their cabin after the show!