Puno Market

Added 06 Sep 2014

A leisurely start today. Breakfast until 10am before we visit the steamship Yavari. Built in England in the 1860’s, the ship was shipped to Peru in parts and assembled and used originally as a gun ship and later as a service vessel. Now a museum, you can stay overnight in one of the ‘cosy’ cabins on a bed and breakfast basis. As appealing as it sounds, we all decide the comfort of our nearby hotel is somewhat more tempting. However visiting the ship is certainly worthwhile. The only challenge is the walkway access which is a floating pontoon reminiscent of London’s Millennium Bridge when it first opened. Hold tight everyone!

After our Yavari visit we drive into Puno city centre. On a Saturday, Puno has a huge food market and Jose takes us round. It is colourful and noisy and our personal headsets prove their worth. We can hear Jose telling us about what’s on sale even if we can’t quite see him at that moment. The stall holders and shoppers seem pleased to see us and their happy smiling faces make us smile too. It is clear that we are the unusual attraction here!

We also enjoy some free time in Puno’s main square. Some of us shop, some snack and some get invited to a wedding in the Cathedral! Not sure how that happened. Around 2.15pm we regroup ready for an optional transfer back to the hotel. Suddenly dark clouds begin to appear over the mountain and a couple of loud thunder claps are heard. Our coach arrives and everyone jumps on board quickly. Time for a siesta back at comfortable hotel. Strangely the clouds moved on and no rain appeared. The sun comes out again and we enjoy the magnificent views across Lake Titicaca.