Tour operator luggage museum?

Added 15 May 2012

Is it just us, or do tour operators generally end up with a vast collection of luggage?! Escorting tours over the years Richard and Dawn have used a variety of luggage - some has collapsed after a few uses and some has survived well. Dawn's choice of brightly coloured (flowery!) main luggage from Roxy has done well. They are not Richard's favourite colour but he has to admit you can see them immediately they hit the luggage carousel at airports. For hand luggage we've used bright red Jeep wheeled bags and these have also done good service. Sadly Dawn's died in Costa Rica and Richard's suffered a breakdown last week in Namibia. As a result we've had to dig deep into our capital expenditure budget and purchase two new ones. The picture shows the retired ones saying bon voyage to the new ones!

After a quick turn round, we're packed and ready for Namibia Tour Number Two! Tomorrow we head for Heathrow and fly overnight to Johannesburg and then onto Namibia's capital city, Windhoek. Daily tour blogs will start on arrival so why not take a regular look to see what we're up to? Tour number one was brilliant and now we know where we're going, tour number two will be even better (just joking, we've been to Namibia too often to get lost!).