Reichsburg Castle

Early this morning we reach the small Moselle town of Cochem. There are a couple of options this morning. A walking tour of the town with a visit to Reichsburg Castle, and a really-go-active hike at Calmont Vineyard, which is amongst the world’s steepest vineyards. Most of us choose the town walk and castle! Cochem is an old town with many timber-framed and colourful buildings, some of which bear the high-water mark of recent and previous floods. Sitting high on the hill, away from the threat of river flooding, the Imperial Castle called Reichsburg is the largest on the Moselle. We get to tour in the grounds and inside, and discover secret doors, passageways, a Knight’s Hall and Dining Room. The sun in shining and the views from the castle terrace are Wunderbar!

Back in the town, some of us seem to head for the typically German cafes offering teas, coffees and rather amazing cake. Not sure why we need more supplies, but it seemed a good idea at the time. Back across the bridge, we are on board River Queen trying our best to eat lunch!

The hikers have had a great morning too, and dash in for a well-earned lunch, before our afternoon adventure.

We join coaches and head to Ediger-Eller, two adjacent villages, to meet a former-Mayor and listen to an organ recital in the local church. A short ride to the next village, has us entering the Walter J Oster Estate to hear about their local wines. Still family owned, under the fourth generation, we hear about the history of the vineyard and how they produce their wines and, of course, there is a tasting! Four tastings in fact! Plus a final taste of a peach liqueur which is a local speciality. After the winery visit, various guests get on the wrong coaches! Luckily we are all heading to the same place!