Reluctantly homebound

Sadly, we’re homebound today. We leave Okonjima after breakfast. We’re given a wonderful send-off from the lodge staff, and then our four local guides - Craig, Martin, Mike and Peter, plus Tristan - surprise us along the road, by saying another goodbye. Such nice folk.

Once we’re on the main road, we drive south to Okahandja, which is Uanee’s hometown. We have a few minutes in hand so we ask Uanee if it’s OK to call at his house and say hello to his lovely wife, Sylvia. Of course, he says yes! Uanee has built his own house from scratch and is rightfully proud of the result. As we head through the housing estate, his neighbours seem quite surprised! Dawn and Richard run inside Uanee and Sylvia’s house to take a look at progress. We’ve seen the development over recent years, and the building is nearly finished, and looks lovely. Sylvia is dressed in a typical Herrero dress and head dress, and looks beautiful.

We promise to return Uanee later, but have to leave to continue our journey to Windhoek Airport. A quick comfort stop down the road, and then we head towards the capital city, making a lunch snack stop in a civic park on route. Included lunch picnics prove difficult to consume in total, so we leave excess food for Uanee and Ismael to distribute!

On arriving at Windhoek Airport, our check in is relatively smooth. Richard and Dawn managed to print out flight boarding cards in the middle of the night, so it’s reasonably easy for the South African Airways staff to process us, and we’re soon through immigration and awaiting our flight to Joburg.

An hour and a half later, we land at Joburg and repeat our original walk from one terminal to the next, to join our London flight.  

We're homebound, with plenty of wonderful memories of Namibia!