Captain David & Ann

Today we arrived in Rockland. This is the place we had arranged a walk with members of the Rockland Historical Society, notably Captain David and Ann Morris. Ann wrote a book about the history of Rockland Main Street, which Richard tried to source in advance, but discovered it is out of print. So, the next best thing, was to ask Ann to give us a personal tour. Captain David is a retired sea captain with many years of experience, and notably many visits to UK ports. Both could not have been more accommodating and flexible, given we didn’t know when FRAM would arrive.  

To get ashore here we are using the ship’s PolarCirkel tender boats. This is a first-time experience for some of our guests and we advise waterproof trousers and jackets to avoid water spray between ship and shore. A few of us (including Richard) sit in the most unprotected location on the PolarCirkel and proceed to get very wet bums!   

Captain Dave and Ann greet us on the quayside and we head off on our historic walk. Richard encourages Ann to use a little megaphone she has brought along, but Captain David doesn’t need this! We hear about the history of the town and the historical importance of ship-building and lime production. The town now boasts a famous art museum called The Farnsworth and the State of Maine Lighthouse Museum. Richard and Dawn finish the day sharing a beer and a cup of tea with Captain Dave and Ann.