Rothera Station

Our morning sailing is complimented by a series of lectures including Steffen talking about ICE. It is amazing the things we didn't know about ice, and now do. The next presentation is from Simon and about the great whales .... and we've seen loads!

This afternoon we land at ROTHERA STATION. Built in 1975 as a regional logistics centre for the British Antarctic operations, it occupies a small rocky peninsula on Adelaide Island at 67° 34' South / 68° 08' West.

Just before we dock, one of the twin otter support aircraft lands at the 900 metre airstrip. Our captain then swings FRAM onto the 60 metre wharf which was constructed here in 1990/91. Only 2 tourist ships per year are allowed to visit Rothera and we are truly priveleged to be one of them!

Once ashore we wander between the base buildings and up to a viewpoint where a memorial has been constructed. 

Back on board the captain announces more scenic cruising, and those with cameras are busy on deck and in the lounge, snapping photos of the remarkable scenery.  

Later, the Chief Officer and crew members give a demonstration of Knots and Ropes. Several guests are tied together as a challenge. Sadly the crew release them.