Enjoying the lovely weather and later start, we headed to the impressive Inca fortress of Sacsayhuamán, a world heritage site, overlooking the city of Cusco. Again, the stonework fits together perfectly without mortar. Some of the largest stones weigh up to 300 tonnes, and would have been transported without vehicles from many kilometres away - a challenging task! The large plaza would have been used for ceremonies and the fortress itself was an important place for worship and rituals. 

Unfortunately, the Spanish empire destroyed much of the site to use the stones for construction, so the remaining parts today are only the stones too large to be moved, or those not needed and left behind. Despite this the site is highly impressive!

Cusco is famous for its silverwork, so on our way back from Sacsayhuamán, we stopped at a jewellery workshop, spending some time learning about the processes used to make pendants and earrings, before a risky look around the shop. Again, Richard and many of our guests were fearful of the outcome of this particular trip, although most emerged having breathed another sigh of relief! 

Tomorrow we will be leaving Cusco, so our free time this afternoon was a chance to do some final exploring of this beautiful city before packing and enjoying a wonderful buffet dinner at the hotel.