Seeking Albatross on Espanola

Added 24 Nov 2014

This morning we wake up at Espanola Island. It is all happening today! Early riser tea, coffee and fruit are available from 6am. A kayaking trip takes off at 6.30am. Maria, our wellness specialist has an optional stretching class from 7am. (Richard gives this a miss, by the way). Breakfast is at 7.30am, followed by a snorkelling briefing and time to get your snorkel kit, all provided on a complimentary basis. Any experienced snorkelers head off to Gardner Islet (Richard gives this a miss too). Beginners and less experienced snorkelers, and non-snorkelers (including Richard!) head to the beach at Gardner Bay to explore, swim, practice snorkelling or just to take a walk and relax. The weather is beautifully sunny and the beach is magnificent white sand for as far as you can see.

Lunch back on board ship is an impressive buffet featuring delicious Ecuadorian dishes. After siesta time we make a dry landing at Punta Suarez. We have an option of a long boulder walk and a short easier walk and we all see plenty. This is one of the richest wildlife locations in Galapagos with marine iguanas, Nazca boobies, lava lizards, Galapagos doves and some of Darwin's finches. Galapagos Hawks and the endemic waved albatross too. Back on board we enjoy a recap session in the lounge and Lynn briefs us about tomorrow's programme before dinner.