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Added 14 Nov 2013

After breakfast this morning we made a dry landing on a small jetty on South Plaza Island. The island is a result of a geological uplift and where we walk today was once part of the ocean floor. We walk a circle route part of which is parallel to the cliff top where the updraft attracts numerous seabirds. Swallow-tailed gulls nest here and we are lucky enough to see baby chicks. Our prime aim this morning, however, is to see the colourful, endemic Galapagos land iguana. We are successful. Very successful! Back at the jetty we notice a number of sea lions have taken up residence on the pathway. There is a short delay while we gently coax them to vacate.

During lunch we notice a small cruiser boat in trouble. It has lost engine power and is at the mercy of the sea currents. Naturally we wish to help so we tow the small vessel to safe waters near a buoy. They tie up and apparently work on the engines for a few hours before continuing their journey. Richard considers passing over some holiday brochures to encourage the guests to book with a more reliable operation next time.

On board the Islander, our guide Jonathan giives an interesting presentation about the human history of Galapagos and later there is a round of kayaking and snorkelling before we visit Santa Fe Islands. Our task here is to see the endemic Santa Fe land iguana and we’re successful here too!