The Seven Sisters

Added 18 Feb 2015

Shortly after breakfast we cross the Arctic Circle southbound. The ship's Tour Director, Marco, invites us to an important Arctic Circle ceremony during which cod liver oil is offered to all guests! If you accept this tasty gift you also get to keep the spoon! Some guests go round six times to claim six free spoons! They must be having a dinner party soon. The management of Furlongs have sufficient spoons from previous occasions, thank you.

Later we sail pass the Seven Sisters mountain range. These dramatic peaks are on our port side but some are covered with cloud so we are not sure if there are seven of them. Late afternoon we visit Bronnoysund, or as Dawn calls it, Boring-sund. This is a little unfair but it is true there is not a lot to see. A few guests venture out and report the highlights were three sea-urchins and a sea-star seen in the water at the quayside. There you go.

Prior to dinner, Richard and Dawn host a private reception with some special guests .… the Captain, Chief Engineer, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Tour Leader and Head Receptionist. The patented Furlongs Travel "Speed Dating Programme" then commences. One of the officers or crew sits with a small group of Furlongs guests and answers questions. Approximately five minutes later our special guests are moved to the next group and so on. Within 45 minutes everyone knows a lot more about how MS Midnatsol works! The gathering is a great success and we thank our captain and his team who now have to run downstairs to greet everyone joining the captain's finale dinner. We all wander down slowly and queue up to meet the captain as though we haven't just met him. No one seems to notice! 

As we come to the end of our voyage we all agree the MS MIDNATSOL and her crew have done a great job!

Safe journey home everyone.