Empanadas at Juliaca Airport

Saying goodbye to Arequipa we boarded our coach for the short transfer to the airport, ready to check-in for our LATAM flight via Cusco to Juliaca. With previous experience in hand, Richard and Dawn knew the check-in might be challenging! For unknown reasons, the procedure at Arequipa Airport always seems to take longer than elsewhere. However, after a while, all our guests received boarding cards and headed off for the flight gate. Sadly our Furlongs Travel assistant for this tour, Richard and Dawn’s god-daughter Eilidh, was advised she was on standby! Naturally, Richard “discussed” the issue with the LATAM manager, and Eilidh was promptly confirmed on the flight!

As it happens, our Arequipa flight departure was delayed, so we had a prompt connection at Cusco Airport. Directed by the airport staff at Cusco, we exited the arrivals hall, negotiated a short-cut entrance into the departure terminal, proceeded through security and walked swiftly to the flight gate! 

Upon landing at Juliaca Airport, the Furlongs Team decided to put together a surprise lunch snack, Eilidh and Richard buying tasty empanadas from an airport cafe, and Dawn buying crisps and juices from a kiosk outside. The cafe owner needed to be persuaded when we ordered “42 empanadas please”.

We were soon aboard our private coach and meeting our local guides, Jose and Romilo, and we set off to visit Sillustani. Dating from Pre-Inca times, the Sillustani towers, called ‘chullpas’ would be the burial place of a whole family. Situated in the mountains between Juliaca and Puno, and aided by the clear weather, the views of mountains and lakes were stunning. 

Driving down from the mountains and through Puno, we were treated to a stunning view of the sun setting over Lake Titicaca and our Lago Titicaca Hotel. Set on a private island, the hotel provides views of the sunrise from one side and sunset from the other!