Added 08 May 2015

From Sognefjord we sailed south overnight and by early morning we find ourselves alongside Karmoy, one of the largest islands in the archipelago off the south-western Hordaland Region. At the most southern tip, with three lighthouses guiding ships into Skudefjorden, we slowly enter the port of Skudesneshavn.

The town was founded on herring fisheries of the early 19th century. Today almost 130 original timber homes and seafront warehouses are preserved in the old town centre. We have another private guide here. Bette meets us on the quayside. She has a Norwegian flag in hand and our first stop is the nearby park and memorial, where Bette gives us a brief history of wartime Norway as we mark VE Day. From the park we continue along the winding main street and our guide Bette points out the most important houses and tells us about the people who once lived there.

We conclude the tour at the town museum which has been opened for us and proves to be a veritable Tardis! You enter through a tiny front door and wander from room to room and upstairs. The museum is full of memorabilia donated by villagers and including household goods and equipment, shop provisions, clothes, shoes and more. There is also a fully fitted dental surgery from the last century, hair dressers equipment, wheel and barrel making. Everything you might imagine is here!

Some of the Furlongs crew also visit the smallest café in town. It has just four tables and a small counter. It serves nice coffee and cakes. We like to support the local economy but we’re now worried how we’ll eat lunch, which is coming up soon.

MS FRAM sails from Skudesneshavn late afternoon and we head out across the North Sea. Later this evening, the FRAM crew show is presented in the lounge. A variety show with traditional and modern dancing, bar cocktail juggling and various singers. A lively and entertaining end to the day.