Sombrero Chino

Added 04 Nov 2011
This morning we find ourselves anchored close to Sombrero Chino (Chinese Hat) Island. After breakfast we enjoy a panga ride along the coast. The water is very clear and we're able to see plenty of fish including small sharks! After the ride, some guests join in a snorkelling opportunity while others take a walk over rocky terrain from a small sandy beach to an area of tide pools populated by numerous, very colourful Sally Lightfoot Crabs and a single marine iguana! Back on board we sail past the Bainbridge Islets and from the top deck we are able to look over a rocky edge into a collapsed caldera. The caldera is full of brackish water and a solitary flamingo is seen at some distance. Following lunch we take a hike on Santiago Island across the amazing landscape of a lava flow little more than 100 years old.