Sombrero Chino

Added 31 Oct 2014

Early morning snacks from 6am and stretching with our spa specialist, Roxana, from 7am. It's all go!

After breakfast we join our pangas for a Zodiac ride along the coast of the fourth largest of the Galapagos Islands, Santiago, and one of the smallest islands, Sombrero Chino (or “Chinese Hat”). Our backdrop is a black lava field and we are hoping to see the Galapagos Penguin. There are not many of them so this is not an easy task. In the meantime we spot some blue footed boobies and plenty of brown noddy terns. Finally a penguin or two make an appearance. They dart about quickly so it is quite difficult to keep your eye on them.

After our Zodiac ride there is a choice of snorkelling, an escorted walk, or some free time on a beautiful sandy beach. A friendly penguin swims past the beach, chased for a while by a playful sea lion.

Shortly after leaving Sombrero Chino we sail close to Bainbridge Islet. From the Sky Deck we can see over the rim of the islet into the caldera. Lynn has seen some flamingos here about a month ago but they all seem to have left today. There is a pink plastic float in the water, but not quite the correct shape for a flamingo!

Next stop is the iconic Pinnacle Rock, an area of the main island of Santiago known as Sullivan Bay. Late afternoon we enjoy an amazing walk across a lava flow approximately 100 years old.

This evening’s recap features a preview of our video chronicle. Patrick has done a great job and we can’t wait to see the whole thing!