Walking across sand dunes

Added 11 Apr 2015

We are visiting the Namib Naukluft National Park today and specifically Deadvlei, a clay pan formed after rainfall caused the nearby Tsauchab River to flood over 800 years ago. When drought subsequently hit the area, sand dunes surrounded the pan and this blocked flood waters from returning. The camelthorn trees that had established then died from a lack of water and only their scorched skeletons now survive. A light coloured clay pan surrounded by the world’s tallest sand dunes. Skeletons of 800 year old trees. A clear blue sky. It all makes for a unique and magical view.

After a drive into the park, we transfer across the deep sand in 4WD game viewing vehicles. From our drop-off point we walk across the dunes to visit Deadvlei. Later we visited the Sesriem Canyon, which was carved by the Tsauchab River and is around 3kms long, and up to 30 metres deep and only 3 metres wide in some parts. Some of us view from the top and others venture down to walk along the canyon bed.

Back at base, at the Sossusvlei Lodge, we enjoy a rest before joining a late afternoon sundowner drive. The scenery is stunning and as the sun begins to set we turn the corner around an outcrop of granite rocks to find a table with all sorts of goodies including numerous bottles of bubbly. It proves a most enjoyable sundowner!