Heading for Santa Fe

Added 30 Nov 2011

After breakfast we land on South Plaza Island, a small islet off the eastern coast of Santa Cruz Island. Here we're greeted by endemic Galapagos land iguanas, before we take a circuit trail which in part follows a cliff edge. Flying above us are swallow-tailed gulls, red-billed tropicbirds and frigate birds, and flying below us just above the sea are noddy terns and shearwaters. After lunch we drop anchor off Santa Fe Island where we offer kayaking and snorkelling options before a choice of a long and a short walk. As we approach the beach landing for the walking options we begin to see Golden Eagle Rays. And then we see more. And more. In the end, we estimate there are more than 150 rays in the bay. On land we see the endemic Santa Fe land iguana, rice rats (like cuddly hamsters really!), the Galapagos snake (tiny!) and numerous Galapagos Hawks. The island is also famous for some of the largest prickly-pear cactus trees. Yet another wonderful day.