South Plaza and Sante Fe

Added 29 Nov 2012

We wake up this morning alongside South Plaza Island. South and North Plaza lie off the eastern coast of Santa Cruz and are a result of geological uplift which took place over a million years ago. The trail on South Plaza has just been closed due to the Galapagos National Park's intensive rat eradication programme but we enjoy a great zodiac cruise along the shoreline. South Plaza is home to one of the healthiest remaining land iguana populations in Galapagos and we see these large endemic reptiles as we cruise along. In fact many guests see two big males have quite a fight - probably over territory and females! Just like tourists and towels sometimes?!

Back on board "National Geographic Islander" we join expedition leader Lynn for an interesting presentation about her PhD research and experiences while living for a year and a half on Alcedo Volcano on Isabela Island. It's quite a story!

After lunch and a brief siesta we're off again. There are kayak and snorkelling opportunities, plus a short walk and a more strenuous long walk which takes us up a cliff for a magnificent view over the bay. The long hike is quite an effort but well worth it. Everyone sees the Santa Fe endemic land iguana too.

During cocktail and recap in the lounge this evening we hear more about land iguanas, including a pink version!