South Plazas

Added 30 Oct 2014

We land on South Plaza this morning. This island is a result of a geological uplift so where we walk today was once part of the ocean floor. We walk a circle route part of which is parallel to a cliff top where the updraft attracts numerous seabirds. Swallow-tailed gulls nest here and we see quite a few baby chicks. The main reason we visit South Plaza, however, is to see the endemic Galapagos land iguana. And there are vast numbers of them! At the end of the loop walk we sit and watch all the activity, although the batchelor colony of sea lions are fairly lethargic!

Back on board the Islander there is a round of kayaking and snorkelling before we land on the island of Santa Fe. Our task here is to see the endemic Santa Fe land iguana (not the same species as this morning) and we are successful here too! In addition we see a number of Galapagos Hawks, some rays and a small black tip reef shark in the bay. A spectacular conclusion to another wonderful day.