St Emilion

Early this morning we left Bourg and sailed up the Dordogne to the small town of Libourne. Here we joined our now regular luxury coaches and local guides for a 15-minute drive to Saint Emilion. We enjoyed a guided walking tour of the historic centre of town including a visit to the caves and the ancient church literally carved out of the limestone. Our visit also featured a visit and wine tasting at a Saint Emilion Chateau “Premier Grand Cru”.

A few guests (including Dawn!) set off to Chateau Ambe Tour Pouret for a master class with a renowned local chef. They prepared their own dishes and then dined in a wonderful setting complete with fine wines. Richard is expecting great things when we're back home next week.

We all rushed back to our ship to jump on board for lunch before the Dordogne River “tidal bore” or “mascaret” arrived. On occasions the mascaret is sufficient to warrant river ships to leave their moorings and tread water in the middle of the river. We have been warned that the River Royale may not be on the mooring between 1pm and 2pm. In the event, the river doesn’t seem to change at all, and our captain allows us to stay put! No surf riding today then.

After lunch we run some round-trip coach shuttles back and forth to Saint Emilion this afternoon so guests can explore some more and perhaps peruse the shops. However, the weather is sunny and warm, so many guests decide to use the comfortable loungers on the Sun Deck and simply relax.

Our sommelier, Stefania, hosts a wine tasting in the Claret Room before cocktail hour, and after our cruise director has given us the low-down on tomorrow’s itinerary, we’re all off to another sumptuous dinner. 

Everyone is slowly and steadily beginning to realise this is definitely a fine food and fine wine river cruise!