St Petersburg City Tour and Pushkin

Added 02 Sep 2011
Two included visits today. After an early breakfast we join our guides to visit Catherine's Palace at Pushkin. Built by Peter the Great, it is a striking example of Russian baroque architecture. Burned to the ground during the great siege of St Petersburg, it's restoration is said to be the finest replica in the world. This afternoon we head into St Petersburg for an extended city tour, passing by, hearing about, and stopping for photos at numerous highlights including St Isaac's Cathedral, the Resurrection Church, Nevsky Prospekt, and more. On route we see many brides and bridegrooms posing for photographs at the major sights. This seems to be a regular activity and during the course of the afternoon we count 16 newly married couples! Back on board the Viking Kirov we enjoy another super dinner, and many of us visit the quayside Folklore Cossack Show, which is brilliant! Music, lights, song, dance, vodka and .... Dawn! A short audience participation dance attracts two of our party, including Dawn. Dawn seems surprised, but Richard isn't, because he arranged it.