Steak Night

A free day to explore all that Buenos Aires has to offer. Some of our party head off to the nearby Ecological Reserve, some take a guided tour of the Opera House, some visit a famous book shop housed in a former theatre, others visit the Art galleries, the Eva Peron Museum. A few even venture as far as the hotel swimming pool!

Dawn and Richard take a stroll to the restaurant for tonight's steak dinner. The walk is a little further than we remembered from our previous visit to Buenos Aires, so we're pleased we decided to arrange some transport for the party this evening. Not least because we will also consume some more Argentine wines! On the way back from checking the dinner arrangements, Dawn and Richard stop off at an ice cream shop. The shop owner had little English but he kindly suggested the best way to choose the ice cream flavours was to try a little of each. The only problem was that there were over 30 flavours! Shortly after our dinner break, we were walking along the pavement towards our hotel when a young girl on a tricycle came to grief due to a bent wheel. Her mother tried to mend it without luck, so Richard did his good deed for the day and became a wheel mechanic. 

Early evening we all met up in the hotel lobby to head off to dinner along the Puerto Madero waterfront. Arriving at the previously-checked steak restaurant we are greeted with a glass of bubbly. Various appetisers followed before tucking into extremely tasty and well-cooked steaks, all washed down with red and white wines. Non-stop wines for that matter!

Arriving back at the hotel, guests headed for bed while the Furlongs team headed out to a nearby corner shop to purchase snacks for tomorrow. The corner supermarket is run by a Chinese family who speak little English. Somehow we manage to purchase 65 bananas, 65 fruit bars, 65 chocolate biscuits and 65 bottles of water. We pushed two trolley loads back to our 5-star hotel and sat in the corner of the lobby to make up mini-picnics for our fight to Ushuaia tomorrow. The night staff at the hotel were most amused!

Puerto Madero photo credit : Shutterstock / Vladimir Nenezic