Susan and Louisa

Two names our guests will remember for a while: Susan and Louisa. Two Brits who visited Venice many years ago and stayed! Both experts. Both wonderful guides. On Monday evening we enjoyed a unique visit to Venice's St Mark's Basilica. This iconic building was opened for us, for a private visit. No one else, just us. Susan Steer, our art historian, escorted the visit and gave us a wonderful commentary, including a close-up look at the remarkable altarpiece, made by 10th-century Byzantine artisans. A truly memorable evening.

After breakfast on Tuesday we set sail to Chioggia. Enter Louisa! Up on the sun deck, we enjoy her commentary as we sail past some of the Venetian islands, and alongside the Lido. The sun shines, the views are stunning, and Louisa's introduction is equally wonderful. 

It's not lunchtime as yet, but surely time for a glass of prosecco? Sebastien, our on board sommelier, joins us on the sun deck with a bottle and a sword! He opens a bottle in the traditional manner, the bubbly is served, and everyone seems very happy. It's only 11am, and it all seems to be going rather well.