Termite mound Q&A!

A leisurely start – surely not! After breakfast, there’s an optional, included excursion to see the Ugab Terraces and Vingerklip or “finger of rock”. On the way, we meet a jeep carrying some local rangers. One of them is a cousin of our guide Uanee, and he explains they are trying to round up a herd of elephants who have been causing some havoc to the farmers in the area. These animals are desert-adapted elephants and they are being herded back to the south of the Damaraland area, away from the farmlands. Will it work?

The Ugab valley and terraces were formed many millions of years ago due to water and wind erosion. Their appearance now is like a mini-Monument Valley in the USA, and quite dramatic. The Vingeklip is a 35 metres high finger of rock (or conglomerate to be precise) that still stands. One day it will surely fall over!

On the way back to Mopane Lodge, our guide Uanee hosts an explanation and Q&A all about a termite mound. Wonderful stuff!

A second night of wonderful starry skies to follow.