The Terra-Cotta Army

Added 26 Oct 2012

Today we visited the world famous Terra-Cotta Army, a vast collection of soldiers, archers, horses and chariots that were buried with the Emperor Qin Shi Huang more than 2,000 years ago. This visitor site is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world so we deliberately arrived before the main crowds and had also selected a late flight onward down to Chongqing. Local guides escorted us and everyone agreed the Terra-Cotta Army is a simply stunning visit. Sadly we had to leave in due course. We had a quick lunch planned at Xian airport before our flight south. We sat down in our airport restaurant and waited for some food. There seemed to be a delay so Richard and Dawn went to check. Apparently the heating pipe in the kitchen had just failed so the lunch was a problem! However this was solved by bringing new supplies direct from the next airport terminal so all turned out ok. In the meantime we were served with a choice of soft drinks and large bottles of beer! Towards the end of lunch, Richard and Dawn persauded a local kiosk to sell them 104 ice creams (using sign language and cash!), and these were distributed as dessert. Having a few ice creams over, we gave them away just before heading through security .... to airport staff and the local police!

The flight was uneventful apart from the refreshment served - a tea flavoured beef snack. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Arriving in Chongqing we joined private coaches and headed into town, a journey of around 1 hour dependant upon traffic. And we should expect plenty of traffic since this town has over 20 million inhabitants. We make it to the quayside pretty much as scheduled and embarked the Viking Emerald river cruise ship. After an exciting but hectic few days, it is lovely to unpack and relax!