Thankfully, no buffalo in Ecuador!

Added 10 Nov 2014

We've just heard that an Indian airline has suspended flights to and from Surat airport after a collision between a plane and a buffalo. A Delhi-bound flight with 146 people on board hit a stray buffalo on the tarmac as it was approaching take-off but no one was injured in the incident. The news report doesn't comment on the condition of the buffalo, however the aircraft's left engine was 'severely damaged' according to an airline spokesman. "A stray buffalo hit one of our aircraft, carrying 140 passengers and six crew, on take-off at Surat airport. The buffalo was essentially invisible against a dark background," the spokesman said. Apparently, stray animals on airport runways in India are a 'growing menace'. In 2009 a Kingfisher Airlines plane struck a stray pig on the runway at Nagpur airport. We are just about to leave for our second Ecuador and Galapagos tour and are happy to advise there are no buffalo in Ecuador, to our knowledge. However, we'll be keeping an eye on stray guinea pigs.