The Argentine Tango!

An early breakfast, and Uanee and Ismael are ready to escort our morning game drive, and it is certainly worth being with them! Lion, kudu, springbok, zebra, black faced impala, eagles, and a greater kestrel, to name just a few. This afternoon another drive, and at Oliphansban waterhole we are rewarded with around 35 elephants drinking, playing and taking mud baths! We reluctantly leave as we must be back inside the lodge compound by sunset. On the way back, guests are asking to stop to take photos and Richard announces that we must crack on and the only thing he’ll stop for is “two rhinos doing an Argentine Tango”. Little did he know, this description would become a running theme!

At the Gemsbokvlakte waterhole, Uanee spots a male and female lion lying in the grass. With the sun setting in the distance, the light is wonderful for photos, so we just have to stop. After a few minutes, the male lion decides to do the Argentine Tango with his wife! Now we have to drive quite a distance, quite quickly, to reach the camp before we get told off. Ismael does his best, and it feels more like a rally drive than a game drive on some of the corners. We make it back but the camp gates are closed shut. Luckily, Uanee knows another way, and we sneak in without reprimand. How can you sneak in with a full size bus?!

This evening, we’ve set up a private BBQ supper on the lawns. Our own chefs, private tables and chairs and plenty more drinks. It’s a winning combination. And then we’re back down to the waterhole for more rhino!