The Argentinian Falls

Added 17 Jan 2014

A quick breakfast this morning. The restaurant doors open at 7am and we wish to depart at 7.30am. Not that we need a lot of food .. we have eaten far more than we should have done throughout the tour. Our guide Maria and driver Walter meet us and we set off for the Argentinian Falls.Today’s visit features three walks. However there is great excitement because we first travel on a narrrow guage "jungle train" to the Devil's Throat! The little train reminds us of a fun park outing. We sit four people to a bench, facing another four people on the next bench. It is fairly tight to say the least. Three of our guests manage to spread out and enjoy a whole bench. However a large Scottish gentleman then appears and shuffles in. He takes up half the bench, together with his half drunk bottle of champagne! We strike up a conversation and it appears he and his mates are on a drinking tour of South America. Just before the train departs the station he jumps off and runs along the platform to his mates. Our three guests spread out and start breathing again.

At the end of the train trip we disembark and walk along elevated boardwalks towards the Devil's Throat. This is widely accepted as the most impressive of all the Iguazu Falls. A horse shoe shape with an immense volume of water pouring down. Huge amounts of spray of course, so everyone who wishes to can get nicely wet! Another feature of these falls are the Swifts that nest behind the falling water. They fly in and out through tiny gaps!

Our next walk is along the fall's Higher Path which is around one mile long. This features breathtaking views from cliff edges! Some free time for lunch before most guests join the optional adventure trip which includes a guided drive through the National Park forest on board an open top four wheel drive truck. At the end of the trail the adventure contunues on a big speed boat. The speed boat visits both the Brazilian and Argentinian side of the falls. The visit is quite close so prepare to get very wet! Dawn advises there was a lot of excited screaming! Richard and a few discerning guests stayed on dry land an enjoyed a leisurely walk along the lower trail!

Back at our hotel, the Loi Suites Iguazu, we enjoyed a final tour dinner complete with yet more tasty Argentinian Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc, local beers and some bubbly to finish. Naughty Janet said a few words of thanks and presented to Dawn and Richard on behalf of everyone, a fluffy penguin complete with neck tie and Furlongs Travel luggage label. By the way, Richard still has six ties to wear before arriving back in the UK so he will need to change his shirt and tie every few hours from now on.