The Blue Lagoon

Added 25 May 2014

A nice leisurely breakfast this morning and free time to explore Reykjavik before our early afternoon departure. Our coach driver today is called Bobo and our destination is the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa located in a lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The lagoon is a man-made facility fed by water output from a nearby by geothermal power station. The warm waters are rich in minerals including silica and sulphur and bathing is reputed to have medicinal benefits. In fact Bobo tells us we will come out feeling half the age we felt going in! Let us go and see. On entry we take a wrist band and towel. The wrist band has a chip that opens and locks a personal locker and you may charge incidentals including drinks on the chip as well. The water is indeed nice and warm. In some sections it is positively hot! There are mud treatments and a bar. Great fun! After a shower and change of clothes we all meet up in the café and Richard and Dawn hand out bars of chocolate!

Back in Reykjavik our ship, the MV FRAM, awaits us. We check-in and receive our cabin keycard, and head of to settle in. Complimentary wind proof jackets are handed out and we take part in the obligatory safety drill, enjoy dinner and attend a welcome meeting with our Captain, Arild Harvik. We are on board!