The Brazilian Falls

Added 16 Jan 2014

A prompt breakfast and we are on the road at 8am this morning. We are heading for the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. The Iguazu river and falls are bordered by Argentina and Brazil, and if you have time you should definitely visit both sides. Our hotel is on the Argentinian side so this entails crossing the border of course. We first need to exit Argentina. On arrival at the border control  our coach has to park and wait. Richard and our guide Maria collect all guest passports and queue up at immigration. The passports are handed in and we wait. And wait. Each passport has to be entered separately, stamped and returned. We have warned our guests this may take a while. After about 30 minutes we drive across a bridge into Brazil. Here we stop at Brazilian border control and passports are presented for entry. This is a little quicker but again every passport is checked and stamped.

The Iguazu National Park Visitor Centre is our next stop. We sneak to a special counter to pick up our prebooked tickets (thereby avoiding a very long ticket queue) and board special park transit buses for the ride along to the falls trail. We are on board a double deck open top bus and the breeze is delightful! Today's highlight is a scenic walk along a pathway of approximately 1,200 metres from where it is possible to get breathtaking views of up to 275 waterfalls! And there is plenty of water today. The views are indeed tremendous and the visit gives a very good introduction to the scale of the area. Richard knows tomorrow will be even better but our guests don't yet believe him.

En route home we must exit Brazil and enter Argentina again. By the time we are back in Argentina our passports are almost full of immigration entry and exit stamps!