The Great Wall of China

Added 24 Oct 2012

Anyone recognise these guests? See later for more details!

This morning we set off early and headed to the Badaling Hills to walk along one of the best-preserved sections of the fabled Great Wall. Here, the wall is nearly 28 feet high, and wide enough for ten people to walk along, shoulder-to-shoulder - although we didn't try that. Some guests went to the left and some went to the right, and the wall is either paved (sometimes with quite a slope) or stepped (with a huge variety of steps - large and small). This makes is quite challenging but also rewarding if you make it to one of the towers. We're lucky, the weather is again tremendous, with bright sunshine and clear skies. The temperature is in the mid twenties. The landscape nearby is also beautiful - with the trees and bushes displaying their autumnal reds and yellows. It is a memorable visit. Who'd have thought that one day we would be walking along the Great Wall of China?

Having conquered the wall, our next stop is an enormous Jade showroom followed by lunch. We learn about the types of jade and see plenty of jade jewellry and ornaments. Naturally some purchases are made. After lunch we visit the Sacred Way of the Ming Tombs to enjoy a peaceful walk along an avenue featuring 18 pairs of massive stone sculptures, inluding elephants, lions, camels and mythical beasts.

Following a quick turn around back at our base, the Regent Hotel in Beijing, we head off to a Peking Duck DInner and Peking Opera performance. The duck was very tasty, and the Peking Opera was unlike anything most guests have ever experienced! When in Peking, you should definitely go to an opera performance - even if it is just the once. The characters in the photo are performers in the opera and thankfully not members of our travelling party.