The last Warthog

Added 26 Jun 2014

Time to go home. Never something to look forward to but we all have to do it! Bags are collected and checked, the big breakfast is consumed, we check-out and depart Okonjima. Driving through the estate for the last time naturally we have to look out for Warthogs. Surely everyone has at least 1,000 photos of warthogs? There will be a lot of deleting to do when you get home! It is not long before he join the tarmac B1 road and we head south, making a quick comfort stop at Okahandja. There is a coffee shop with toilets here. Okahandja is also where Uanee lives and his fiancée is here to say a quick hello. Yes, Uanee is getting married. Apparently anyone who has joined a Furlongs Namibia tour is invited to the wedding, so expect your invitation soon!

Just north of Windhoek we stop at a public park. Lunch packs are handed out and we enjoy the sunny weather and tuck in. From here it is just a one hour drive to Windhoek Airport. We arrive on schedule and check-in with South African Airways. Connecting in Johannesburg Airport we have just enough time to explore the excellent shops and listen to the resident “Thursday evening” marimba band playing live. Fantastic! The last few South African Rand is spent and we head to the departure gate. Richard and Dawn try hard to hand out the remaining green sweets. They even resort to handing them to the other passengers and crew. Success, another bag is finished!

The chief pilot is on his last flight before he retires and we are certainly treated to a smooth crossing and we land pretty much on time at Heathrow. We have reached the end of our adventure. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the Furlongs Team did!