The lights are on!

Added 22 Feb 2014

Around 2am this morning the Northern Lights made an appearance! This is clearly highly inconvenient but it is also great fun seeing guests running out of their ship cabins in pyjamas and carrying blankets, hats, scarfs and cameras! According to two Furlongs guests it was quite a good lights show but we must admit most of the team were in bed! We must do better.

We dock at Trondheim around 6am and we moor next to another Hurtigruten ship, MS Finnmarken. After breakfast we meet on the quayside for a leisurely stroll into town. Richard and Dawn lead the way and point out places of interest. It is Saturday and the town centre is eerily quiet but we realise it is school half-term so families are probably away on holiday. The sun is shining and the weather mild again. No snow on the ground either. Our walk takes us past colourful old wharf buildings and continues to the impressive Nidaros Cathedral. From here we scatter in all directions with the instruction "please be back on board in time for departure at 12 noon". Thankfully everyone manages to oblige!

From Trondheim we sail north to Rorvik and here we meet another Hurtigruten ship, MS Polarlys. Shortly after departing Rorvik the tannoy announces "Northern Lights". Guests scurry about donning coats and hats as they run up the stairs to the open decks. We look portside as recommended and once our eyes are acclimatised we do indeed see a wave of lights almost parallel to the ship. The sky is clear and there are plenty of stars too, so perhaps it is a good night to camp out on the top deck and see what happens. On the other hand an Irish coffee at the bar sounds very tempting ...