The lights are on, again!

Added 09 Feb 2013

We crossed the Arctic Circle this morning but no one felt the bump. After a brief stop in Ornes, all were invited to the Arctic Circle Baptism outside on the top deck. King Neptune kindly visited and poured a ladle of freezing cold water and some ice cubes down your back. As a reward you were given a small glass of Cloudberry liquer - which has an acquired taste. Sadly, most people haven't yet acquired it. Amazingly, many guests queue up for the baptism. After this excitement, we can head for the shop and get an Arctic Circle stamp in our passport. And then to lunch, as we're not allowed to stop eating on this voyage! The town of Bodo is next. Bodo is the capital of the Nordland region of Norway and has around 40,000 residents. It's about a ten minute walk to the town centre and many head for the church which turns out to be closed. This evening we visit Stamsund and Svolvaer and later we sail through the Raftsund Strait towards Trollfjord. This tiny fjord is narrow with sheer cliffs either side. In summertime, the Hurtigruten ship sails to the end of the fjord, turns 180 degrees and sails out again. In winter we're not permitted to sail in due to the possibility of avalanches, but our captain very skillfully navigates into to the entrance and then reverses out. As it's pitch dark two powerful spotlights on the ship help guide the way and we're able to see how narrrow the fjord is. To complete a great day, the Northern Lights come out to entertain once again.