The lights are on!

Added 08 Feb 2013

Leaving the medieval city of Trondheim we sail out of Trondheimfjord and head north through some narrow passageways near Stokksund and on across the Folda towards Rorvik. Midway through our dinner service the tannoy leaps into action and announces Northern Lights activity! Naturally we all jump up and exit the restaurant to head for the open decks. We feel sorry for the restaurant staff but they appreciate we need to go and look. It's chilly outside, but we can make out some lights to the port side, above a mountain ahead and high in the sky above us. It's not the most dramatic display but it is a jolly good start. There is no moon, the sky is dark and cloudless, and we can see a great selection of stars! Some guests manage some nice photos - by holding their cameras very still or on a tripod, and using a long exposure. By the way, Derek advises it is quite difficult to put up a tripod when it is so dark! But we hope this is good practice for the next few nights!

The lights stay quite a while but guests eventually return to the restaurant to continue the dinner!