The Tropic of Capricorn

First thing this morning, many guests are joining optional sightseeing flights over the dunes, either in a Cessna aircraft or a small helicopter. It is a beautiful morning and the view from above is simply amazing! The remainder of our party are enjoying a lie-in prior to breakfast. However, it could all have gone terribly wrong! On-going construction work near the lodge was due to start around 7am but Richard saw it coming and intercepted the workmen. Initially Dawn and Richard had thought about hiding the key to the JCB digger, or letting its tyres down, but we resorted to basic bribery and handed over some biscuits instead! With everyone aboard our coach ready for our onward journey, the workmen waved us off, and the noisy digging commenced!

Heading north we made a quick comfort-stop at Solitaire, and paid our respects at Mr Moose MacGregor’s grave – before buying some more of his delicious apple pie. Continuing our journey, we naturally stopped at the Tropic of Capricorn road sign to take touristy photos. Shortly later, we traversed the Gaub and Kuiseb Canyons, with a road-side picnic stop included. Dawn provided the serviettes, wet wipes and a rubbish collection!

Après lunch, it’s siesta time. Our coach driver, Ismael, concentrates on the desert crossing, while most guests take a nap. Late afternoon we discover tarmac road again, on the final approach to Walvis Bay. From here we follow the coast up to the town of Swakopmund. The classic Hansa Hotel awaits us. A glass of bubbly to welcome us and, later, a drinks reception in the bar, followed by a tasty dinner in the hotel restaurant.