The weekly shop!

We’re up promptly and heading today from Windhoek to Sossusvlei, home to some of the world's tallest sand dunes. The journey starts along a comfortable tarmac road. Fortunately, we miss the obligatory Weighbridge because the staff haven’t turned up! As we drive, Uanee gives an interesting introduction to the history of Namibia, and a little further south, we make a stop at the town of Rehoboth, where our guests invade a supermarket for some lunch snack provisions to cover the next couple of days. Looking at some of the resultant shopping bags, some of our clients seem to be doing the weekly Sainsbury/Waitrose shop! The supermarket manager seems very happy.

From Rehoboth we turn west, and continue our journey along gravel roads. These are pretty well maintained by African standards, but there are still some bumps, although our driver, Ismael, does his best to avoid the worst. Near Solitaire, Richard and Dawn have arranged a surprise lunch at Solitaire Guest Farm, which is approximately 7kms past the Solitaire junction. At this isolated desert location, we enjoy a great lunch, including the famous Solitaire apple pie.

Around an hour down the road, we’re arriving at the entrance to the Namib Naukluft Natioanl Park.  We’re staying the Sossus Dune Lodge, which is the only lodge inside the park. The accommodations consist of individual chalets spread out either side of a central building. There is a car park about 500 yards below and a narrow drive up to the lodge. Under normal circumstances visitors park in the car park and are transferred “up the hill” by golf buggy. Our driver manages to drive up the narrow driveway directly to the lodge, which saves a lot of effort!

Sossus Dune Lodge is quiet and peaceful and the views are tremendous. After our BBQ dinner, Richard recommends all guests to sit on their private terraces, turn off their room lights and look up at the stars. Unfortunately, a full moon then decided to appear and the stars are not quite as good as normal. Never mind, we can try again tomorrow!