The White Cliffs

Added 01 May 2015

MS FRAM docks at Dover Cruise Terminal around 3pm. We are welcomed on board promptly. Passports are scanned and cabin cruise cards are issued complete with a copy of your passport photo. Some of the photos don’t reproduce well and some aren’t brilliant to start with!

We set off 3 minutes early and the Dover Harbour Authority allow us to sail parallel to the famous White Cliffs for a closer view. Then it’s time for the local pilot to leave us. He has to scramble down a rope ladder hanging out of an access door from deck 3. It looks precarious but he’s obviously done it before! Safely on board his support boat he speeds off back to the harbour.

Time for us to explore MS FRAM. There’s plenty of public space, including an observation lounge and open decks, lecture rooms, a shop and a café with complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits and cake. Half of us head to the shop and the other half head for the café!

Dinner this evening is buffet style, the traditional Norwegian Smorgasbord with a huge choice of dishes, both hot and cold. To follow, the Captain and members of the crew and expedition team welcome us on board at a reception in the observation lounge.